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Vacuum Trucks

Xtreme Oilfield Services owns and operates a robust fleet of Vacuum Trucks, enabling us to deliver a full range of vacuum truck services to all types of industrial operations. Our vacuum truck fleet includes both tandem and tri-drive units, as well as tandem or tri-drive tri-axle trailer units. All of our trucks are equipped with full code TC407 tanks, ensuring the safe transport of toxic, corrosive, and flammable liquids over any type of road or highway in Canada.

Western Canada’s Vacuum Truck Company
Vac Trucks & Services Across BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada

We have the best equipment available on the market and the most experienced, well-trained service professionals of any vacuum truck service provider in Alberta. Xtreme Oilfield’s fleet of vacuum trucks vary in design so that you can count on us to perform a wide range of complex services to meet the needs of your specific oilfield service or industrial business. Our trucks are totally at home in the toughest, most unforgiving conditions, just like our amazing operators, who take on any job no matter how challenging. Our team of vac experts will arrive at your site and pump or pick up your unwanted liquids, solids, or sludge from almost anywhere, including sumps, trenches, pits, floor drains, and even waste tanks. We’ll then safely transport and dispose of your waste in a manner that is safe, compliant, and conscious of environmental concerns.

Our Quality Service, Trucks, and Equipment Set Us Apart

Xtreme Oilfield was built on the foundation of delivering superior customer service to each and every one of our valued clients. Our vac truck service professionals are trained through a rigorous safety program that ensures they are able to deliver expert cleaning service that is unmatched in the industry. We provide regularly scheduled service that is predictable and stable— as well as emergency cleaning services for the unexpected occurrences that are commonplace in the oilfields of Alberta. Regardless of the project circumstances, you can rest assured that everything is handled professionally. Additionally, your waste will always be disposed of in a manner that is compliant with all local regulations and government cleaning standards. Let Xtreme Oilfield inspect and perform cleaning service of your separator, pit, drain, sump, or other location today so that you can safely remove hazardous liquids, solids, sewage, or sludge from your site.

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We offer the following Vacuum Truck Services:

  • Drilling mud disposal
  • Desanding production tanks
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Fluid transfers
  • Spill cleanups

Equipment Specifications

Canada Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trailer Units:

  • Tandem drive c/w triaxle trailers or tri-drive c/w triaxle trailers
  • Full Code TC407 Tanks
  • 1400 cfm blowers
  • Capacity 24m³ to 30m³
Vacuum Truck Services in Alberta

Vacuum Body Job Unit:

  • Tandem or tri drive unit
  • Capacity 10m³ to 15m³
  • 1400 cfm blowers
  • Available with floater tires, air boss system, tank agitator, boom arm
  • Full Code TC407 Tanks
  • Also available with fully equipped, towable wellsite trailers


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Xtreme Oilfield has grown from a small fleet of vac trucks based in Bonnyville, Alberta to multiple locations spanning across BC and Alberta. This expansion has allowed us to proudly say we are the largest trailer vac company in the industry, providing vacuum truck services in three western provinces, including BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


From operations centres in St. Paul, Bonnyville, Conklin, Fort McMurray, Wabasca, Whitecourt, and Vermillion, Xtreme Oilfield has a well-established capacity to deliver vacuum truck services all across Alberta.

From our Fort St. John facility, we expedite all types of vacuum truck services to meet the growing needs of industrial operations in northeastern BC.


Frequently asked questions


What types of vacuum trucks do you have available?

At Xtreme Oilfield, we have Tri-Drive Trailer Vac, Tandem Drive Trailer Vac, Tri Drive Body Vac, and Tandem Drive Body Vacuum trucks available.

What capacity can the truck haul?

Our vacuum trucks can haul up to 30 m³, depending on weight.

How many vacuum trailers does Xtreme Oilfield have?

We have 50 trailer vacuum trucks available.

What areas do your vacuum trucks service?

Xtreme Oilfield provides services across Alberta, Northeastern BC, and Western Saskatchewan. This includes vacuum truck services in St Paul, Bonnyville, Conklin, Fort McMurray, Wabasca, Whitecourt, Vermillion, Fort St John, Lloydminster, and Kindersley.

For more information about Xtreme Oilfield vacuum truck services locations, contact us today!

How do vacuum trucks work?

A vacuum truck is used to remove liquids, slurry and sludge from a location into its tank. This allows the substance to be transported to another location, either a soil transfer station or disposal site. 

How far can the vacuum hoses reach?

The suction hoses do not extend beyond 50 metres (160 ft). This is because of an inherent suction limitation of all suction pumps; after 50 metres they can only lift a liquid by utilizing atmospheric pressure.

What other services can vacuum trucks provide?

Vacuum trucks are essential in quickly clearing hazardous waste or oil spills, and storing any dangerous materials, which prevents them from contaminating the environment or entering local waterways. When disaster strikes and pits or trenches collapse on workers, emergency services can rely on vacuum tankers to quickly suction any sludge or soil from the accident site.

How do vacuum trucks utilize hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water and vacuum technology to cut through dirt, rocks, and debris – in a clean and safe manner – to expose utility and electrical systems, pipelines, or to clear a path for the next stages of construction.

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