Xtreme Oilfield has a vast knowledge of all coil tubing operations and with our locally operated, experienced team, we continually set the bar for innovation and technology advancement in the industry.

With custom “Control Cabs” for each unit, the operators are able to perform regardless of the elements, allowing maximum productivity on the job. With this in mind, we also attract highly skilled workers who prefer the comfort of a “Control Cab” environment.

The Goals of Coil Tubing:

  • 01.

    To provide superior coil tubing equipment which will highlight operator safety, comfort and efficiency.

  • 02.

    To attract employees who will provide quality coil tubing services to oil and gas companies in Western Canada.

  • 03.

    To provide competitive products and services while maintaining recognized Industry Safety Standards.

  • 04.

    To be a leader in developing and exploring new technological advances in the coil tubing industry.

Coil Units Specifications:

  • Majority of units equipped with 7-ton knuckle pickers
  • Injector capacity – 20,000 lb. to 60,000 lb. pull
  • Coil sizes from 3/4″ to 2″
  • Multiple drum configurations from single string, split drum and wider drums capable of handing intermediate length
  • Unit mounted compressors up to 660 cfm and 2,000 PSI. Additional stand-alone units available
  • Chemical injection pumps on all units
  • “Control Cab” on all units for operator safety and comfort

Inside View Of “Control Cab”

“Control Cab” Mounted On Coil Unit

Return Tank Specifications:

  • 10 m³ capacity to 30 m³
  • Equipped with degasser for flowing back
  • Equipped with a skimmer and trough for circulating and drilling operations
  • Equipped with up to 50 meters of return line

Other Coil Tubing Related Services


Downhole Tooling/Cementer Unit:

  • Fully self-contained, has 2 cubic meters of fresh water and up to 142 bags of cement
  • For pumping or bailing cement plugs with CTU in thermal or non-thermal abandonment areas
  • Twin mixing tank
  • 30-gallon (120 litre) pumping hopper
  • Continuous pumping at 14 gpm and up to 2500 psi

Flare Stack:

  • Mounted on a trailer
  • 25ft stack
  • 50 meters of 3” line pipe

Side Spoolers (4 units):

  • Mounted on a trailer
  • Powered by a gas engine or hydraulics
  • Capable of spooling 3/4″ to 1 3/4″


  • BOP Systems up to Class III regulations
  • Trailer and Skid mounted accumulators
  • BOP Trailers are equipped with Wellhead Work Platforms

Hot Oiler:

  • Coming soon
Well servicing Canada

Pressure Trucks:

  • Units with 3×5 and 4×5 pumps
  • Split compartment tanks
  • Flow Meters on units

Support Pickers:

  • 17 ton deck picker
  • 35 ton knuckle picker
  • 45 ton stiff boom

Dog House:

  • Onsite safety meeting shacks available upon request

Frequently asked questions


What size of coil tubing do you normally run?

When it comes to coil tubing, we normally run anywhere from ¾” to 2” tubing.

What areas do you operate in?

Xtreme Oilfield provides services across Alberta, Northeastern BC, and Western Saskatchewan. This includes St Paul, Bonnyville, Conklin, Fort McMurray, Wabasca, Whitecourt, Grande Prairie, Vermillion, Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Lloydminster, and Kindersley.

For more information about Xtreme Oilfield services locations, contact us today!

What class of wells will you work on?

We work on Class I, Class II, and Class III wells.

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